The following are links to artists and venues with which we work directly or with whom feel connected.

Members of Human Nation

(Past and Present Members of the Band as well as Recording Members)

Adam Levine – Lead musician of Human Nation, Adam is a Guitarist/Composer and a Music Educator.  Read about Adam’ s knowledge and expertise on his FaceBook page.

Ron McCarley – This is Ron’s Linkedin Page. Ron is an amazing musician and educator. More info on Ron coming soon.

Bill Wingfield – This is Bill’s facebook page. He keeps a very updated listing of his music activities with Human Nation and his other gigs. To keep up with Bill, check it out.

Dean Giles – This is Dean’s Website. He keeps a very busy schedule of gigs, studio work and teaching. Learn more about Dean by following the link.

Brett Mitchell – This site also features the vocals of Brett’s wife, Julia.  You will hear samplings of their work together and of Brett’s original compositions.

Darrell Voss – Darrell is a force in the percussion world. Playing drum set, mallet instruments and percussion Darrell’s versatility is a welcome addition to the Human Nation lineup for live performances.

Danny Pelfrey – This is Danny’s Website. Danny is a world class performer and musician and has worked with many of the greatest artists of our time.

Dave Becker – Dave was an integral part of the development of Human Nation and is the featured horn player on the band’s debut CD “Migration”. Thanks for everything Dave, you rock!!

Ron Wagner – Ron is the featured percussionist on Human Nation’s debut CD “Migration”. An amazing player who has worked with “Cirque du Soleil” and many others. Thanks for the awesome Tabla work, Ron!

Paul Tavenner – Paul is the owner of “Big City Recording Studios” in Los Angeles and did much of the recording, mixing and mastering for Human Nation’s CD “Migration”. Also an accomplished drummer, Paul has recorded a virtual who’s / who of top musicians in LA.

Others whom we encourage and who encourage us:


Texas Soul – If you organize Joe’s songs in the right order, you’d know the story of his life. Reflective lyrics and minimalist, stripped-down music define his soulful mastery.

Music Venues

San Luis Obispo Jazz Festival

D’Anbino Tasting Room – We absolutely love D’Anbino Tasting Room as a music venue because it has the best sound mix anywhere on the Central Coast.  They have great wine and a reputation for featuring the top talent.